Bünda – Portuguese slang for butt, bum, bottom, fitness-class-peach

Your Better Butt and Body Begins Here.

Designed by some of the most educated fitness professionals in the industry, Bünda is designed to bring you your best body ever. Our program is efficient and effective because lower body training has been scientifically proven to burn the most calories. Our fitness classes are built around the butt and legs – resulting in a total body change. Once you Bünda, you will never look back…well, maybe for a selfie fitness-class-peach

The Stairmaster

The Stairmaster has been shaping bodies for decades. Half of your fitness class will take place on the stairmaster.

Why we Love this Machine for our fitness classes

  • Shapes the butt and legs, especially with Bünda’s unique movements
  • Low impact on the joints, unlike running which puts stress on those areas
  • Allows for intense cardio without reducing muscle tone when compared with spinning and running.

The Bünda Station 

Bünda has designed a custom piece of workout equipment for all of your booty building needs as well as everything necessary for a KICK ASS total body and glute workout. Our fitness classes are designed to span half the class at the Bünda Station following the program of the day, formulated by our Master Instructors.

The Daily Fitness Class Program

Every Day is Butt Day at Bünda,
so Expect some Bünda Work 7 Days a Week.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Friday

    Butt and Legs workout

    The most important workouts of the week are our leg workouts, perfectly programmed to bring you a better butt and a better body. The legs and butt respond best to volume, which means training them frequently will bring the best results.

    Tuesday & Thursday

      Arms and Abs Workout

      Fear not, we didn’t forget about upper body and abs. Expect these workouts to focus on getting you the sleek, sexy arms you have always wanted. And don’t worry, we’ve included plenty of ab work in these fitness classes that are designed to shrink the waistline as well.



        The biggest booty burn of the week! This workout focuses on glute exercises that isolate and activate the glutes’ three different muscles. This fitness class is perfect for beginners all the way up to advanced clients.


          Total Body Workout

          Come sweat out Saturday night before brunch. Expect a little of everything at this fitness class.

          Oh and yes, we feature a dark room, loud music, and the fancy lights…

          But most importantly the results you want.

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