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West Hollywood, California

More than just a Butt Workout Class…

Bünda is a workout class studio located in West Hollywood, California. We offer daily workout classes that isolate the butt and legs without neglecting overall fitness. Studies show that frequent lower body training results in a total body change since leg workouts are more metabolic than any other kind. Because the glutes stabilize the lower back and knee joints, strengthening them decreases the risk of injury. The Bunda program has been backed by years of research. The daily workout classes are programmed by master level trainers.

Hit it Hard with the Stairmaster and Bunda Station

The 50 minute workout class combines the Stairmaster and resistance training using our signature “Bünda station.” The Bunda station features a retractable bench, used for various arm and leg routines. The station also contains resistance bands and sliding panels used for stability and core workouts.

Bünda also offers arms and abs classes two days a week. Arm and ab day exercises are customized to combine upper and lower body resistance, so your glutes won’t miss a beat. And don’t forget that we use the stairmaster every day. The remaining classes at Bunda are dedicated solely to the butt and legs, bringing you your best body ever!

Convenient location in West Hollywod!

Workout Classes | Bünda West Hollywood

We are conveniently located on the strip at 3rd street and 
Sweetzer in West Hollywood.

What Makes Our Workout Class Different?

HIIT training has been met with increasing popularity in the fitness class industry, but that may not necessarily be to your benefit. Unfortunately, this type of training teaches the body to rely on sugars during a workout with minimal fat utilization. The Bünda program forces the body to burn more fat during workouts by shrinking the interval margins. Therefore, Bunda offers workout classes that are challenging and training programs that are back by science.  With proper consistency you will see great results.

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